At Fuel Development we continue to innovate, that's why were introducing version 2, we added a refreshing touch to the features you love and use on the daily. Version 2 introduces uncompromising customization and unparalleled utility! User experience is our top priority and that's why were introducing complete control at every stage with the introduction of an easy to follow yet, state of the arch; user interface accessible on all devices.


  • Dashboard
  • Ticket Panel
  • Advanced HTML Transcripts
  • Permission Handler
  • Discord Buttons
  • Good Practices
  • Complex Commands
  • Blacklist Commands
  • Friendly Config
  • Advanced Error Logging
  • MySQL Database
  • Detailed Ready Event
  • Ban VC count
  • Bot Join VC
  • Free API
  • Complete Customization
  • Applications
  • Continuous updates
  • Tons More!


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Ban Database V2 — $60


Fuel#2649 - Bot
NutSoGreat#2999 - Bot
kuzeeeyk#2926- Dashboard

User Reviews

Product: Ban Database V2 5/5

“An amazing bot it took me about 20 minutes to set the bot up and get it running and ever since then it has been running great. Highly recommend getting this bot!”Kyron F. | Evolved Network

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Product: Ban Database V2 5/5

“Fuel you really went all out on this one!”Bubble

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