Ticket Bot V3

Looking for a simple and reliable ticket system for your discord? Well you found it!


  • Add
  • Remove
  • Close
  • Eval
  • Rename
  • Sendpanel


  • Friendly Config
  • Easy to setup
  • Fast Support
  • Advanced HTML Transcripts
  • Discord Buttons
  • Rename Ticket
  • Close Ticket
  • Transcript
  • Add/Remove Someone
  • Pings Inactive Tickets
  • Add Role upon open

Ticket Bot V3 — $15


drangula - Team Member | Bot Team

User Reviews

Product: Ticket Bot V3 5/5

“Great Service from Fuel and his Staff. Definitely would recommend buying!”Rxzer

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Product: Ticket Bot V3 5/5

“the best bot i have seen it is better then the free one 10/10”Mr. JohnDeere(YT)

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